Module 7 – Advanced IMPLAN analysis

Module 7, advanced IMPLAN analysis to understand the economic impact of local food system initiatives

Module 7 is the most technical module and recommended for users with expertise in the field of economic input-output modeling, or that have recruited a partner with such expertise to their team. This module provides technical and detailed information on how to adjust the default settings and create a modeling environment, which is more directly reflective of conditions in your community or region, using the software program IMPLAN. In this module you will learn:

  • Why your team might want to modify IMPLAN for your economic impact study;
  • How to modify IMPLAN;
  • The data you will need in order to modify the model;
  • Modeling approaches for your impact assessment.

Module 7
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Modifying an IMPLAN sector with new dataCreating a new industrial sector in IMPLAN

Source: Swenson, David. 2015. Modifying IMPLAN for Local Food Systems Economic Impact Assessments. Department of Economics, Iowa State University.

Local Food Systems IMPLAN Training, 13-14 August 2018, Cornell University
Trainers: Todd M. Schmit, PhD Cornell University and Maria Lucas, Applied Advisory Economist, IMPLAN

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