Module 4 – Engaging your community process with data

Module 4, engaging your community process with data

Module 4 provides guidance on how to reflect on the data gathered, characterize trends and changes, as well as determine sectors that warrant further attention. This module will help to set the stage to analyze and interpret the more in-depth results discussed in the remaining modules. In this module you will learn:

  • The key discussion points and data interpretation strategies to consider when you reconvene the leadership team to discuss initial findings;
  • Three common methods to reduce your data into thematic findings of interest to general audiences;
  • How to engage your broader community for assistance in identifying key food system trends and understanding basic food system dynamics based on initial data and findings;
  • Different avenues and approaches for presenting your key findings to your community;
  • Quick tips for enhancing the substance of your project results and anticipated economic impacts your project might have without undertaking the full scope of an economic impact analysis (as discussed in the subsequent modules).

Module 4
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Module 5: analyzing the linkages and contribution of local foods to local economies 

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