Module 1 – Framing your assessment process

Module 1, framing your community economic assessment process: defining the parameters of your local food system

Module 1 outlines the key steps your community should follow when initially undertaking a community-based economic assessment or planning process. A key first step and overarching theme to this stage is identifying the potential short- and long-term outcomes that may arise from an assessment, no matter how comprehensive resources allow. In this module you will learn how to:

  • Articulate the potential planning decisions or investments the assessment will inform;
  • Identify more specific goals or objectives of your study;
  • Identify the scope and potential outcomes of your project;
  • Organize an effective and inclusive team for your assessment;
  • Determine an appropriate timeframe;
  • Examine available resource to conduct this assessment and assess if they are adequate to meet your goals;
  • Utilize visual schematics to engage community members.

Module 1
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Module 2: using secondary data sources 

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