NY Strengthening Buffalo’s Food System

Strengthening Buffalo’s Food System


This colorful synthesis of data, prepared by the University of Buffalo’s Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab (2013), provides a visually-appealing display of several important pieces of information. By overlaying a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) map displaying the percent of households with no vehicles and the location of healthy food retail stores (including a ¼ mile access area), the communities without ready access to healthy product becomes readily apparent. Further, this report does an excellent job in making the data definition, data source, baseline, and goals easily available and understood. By presenting information in this easy to access approach, it builds community support for specific interventions, getting stakeholders quickly onto the same page.

For more information: Delgado, Cristina, Travis Norton, and Samina Raja. 2013. Indicators for a Healthy Food and Built Environment in the City of Buffalo. Healthy Kids-Healthy Communities-Buffalo partnership and the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab, University at Buffalo. 20 p.

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