CO Northern CO Food System Assessment

5CONorthern Colorado Regional Food Systems Assessment

In a Northern Colorado effort, one example of a key finding was related to consumer eating behavior and public health in the region. In this figure, there are several stories to catalyze discussion.

  • There were significant differences in consumption patterns across the counties.
    1. Yet no county was as high as they expected to be given the perception that Colorado is a relatively healthy state.
    2. All counties were on average below USDA recommendations.
  • Despite having the lowest average rate, Weld county was improving its percent of individuals who ate 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables/day. Upon further discussion with community stakeholders, it was determined that projects and investments by LiveWell Colorado (a key partner in this region) appeared to be making a difference, and thus recommendations supporting this intervention could be reflected in the resulting assessments.
  • Many stakeholders were curious as to how think chart was linked to production data – for example the volume of fruits and vegetables available in the region – and thus the team went back to collect and analyze this information to use in the assessment.

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