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Our mission is to aggregate and identify educational resources to improve the competencies of food systems practitioners through various levels of learning to stabilize and strengthen our food systems workforce.


Our mission is to identify and aggregate individual practitioner and educational resources to improve the competencies of food systems practitioners through various levels of learning in order to advance food systems development.

There are multiple ways to engage with this website including sharing personal expertise and educational resources through free registration and profile creation, and searching for practitioners and resources nationwide. See the FAQ page for more information.


We believe this is a critical juncture of local, regional and global food systems evolution. We are continually experiencing changes in educational offerings related to accessibility and equitable access whether through language translations, virtual and in-person offerings, and sliding-scale pricing. This database fills a gap to identify and showcase resources based on competency as well as logistical offerings such as language, price, location, and method of delivery.

The database exists to highlight and lift-up partner networks, educational resources and food systems practitioners and serves as an identification tool for mentorship and learning opportunities related to personal and professional growth. Additionally, it serves as a research tool for assessing educational resources related to competency, location of offerings, methods of delivery, language accessibility, and location of location of food systems practitioners.


  • Identify educational resources provided by organizations and businesses based on food systems competencies; however, this database will not accredit, validate or vet any resources shared through the database, nor will it be used to offer specific professional development programs
  • Allow individual practitioners associated with organizations or businesses to create profiles to support personal and professional growth through mentorship, networking, etc.; it will not provide facilitated meetings, listservs, or leadership professional development offerings.
  • Identify educational resources that have specified learning objectives and outcomes related to food systems competencies; this does not include resources such as listservs, publications, newsletters, etc.
  • Promote and share additional directories and networks related to personal and professional growth in food systems


Special thanks to partners who supported development of core competencies. For a list of partners and project outcomes, please see reports below.

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