Farm 2 Facts

Farm 2 Facts, previously known as Metrics & Indicators for Impact (MIFI) is an online toolkit backed by the University of WI-Madison that empowers individual farmers markets and market organizations through proven data collection strategies, actionable interpretation information, and customizable reports. By using F2F, you develop specific knowledge about your farmers market that enhances your internal-decision making and external communication activities with partners, sponsors, and the public. You will select from a list of metrics that relate to different economic, social, and ecological aspects of your market and the data you collect through the program are baseline numbers for calculating your economic impact. We tested the program and it gives markets the ability to confidently describe many different impacts – especially over time.

Market sales are the basis of calculating your economic impact but you can increase the precision when you include data on dollars spent at neighboring businesses, payment types (SNAP, credit/debit, cash, etc), and the number of people employed by vendors because it estimates and reports your economic contribution in more detailed ways. In a similar vein, the economic impact calculator is only as accurate as the data that you put into it, which involves collecting data in a consistent, reliable, and systematic way.”


Farmers Market Metrics

Farmers Market Metrics is a complete evaluation & data communication system from the Farmers Market Coalition that empowers market operators to tell their market’s story. Standardized metrics, streamlined data collection methods, and training support are combined with a dynamic online platform. Analysis and reporting are automated and available in real-time, allowing market operators to make informed administrative decisions, and also share brief engaging reports via print or social media at the click of a button.

Farmers markets can grant viewing access to Networks (research partners, funders, associations, etc.), allowing them to aggregate data and analyze trends across market organizations. The scalable and customizable system maximizes the utility of data collected at farmers markets, while facilitating the communication of market impacts to customers, vendors, funders, and research partners. Learn more at

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