Food and Agriculture Mapper and Explorer

Last updated April, 2023

To help communities gain easier access to relevant local and regional food system data, a series of Tableau data visualizations were designed to showcase the data in the warehouse but more importantly, assist grant applicants and grant recipients, and local and regional food system stakeholders at large. The FAME data that are mapped or visualized at the county level. Also included are point level data from the USDA Local Food Directories showcasing the locations of farmers markets, CSAs, and meat processors, among others. 

FAME Overview and Demo

FAME was built by Data Elevates for the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service and Colorado State University Cooperative Agreement 21-TMMSD-CO-0005

Suggested Citation:

Chaifetz, A., B.B.R. Jablonski, A. Bauman, D. Broadaway, L. Christensen, T. Cable, H. Edmondson, M. Gill, H. Leighton, A. Long, C. Naumoff, E. Rausch, J. Rossi, M. Sankey, S. Schaffstall, J. Stoll, A. Vega-Labiosa, B. Wolff, D. Wolnick, T. Woods. 2022. Data to Support a Thriving and Informed Local and Regional Food Sector. eXtension Community Local Regional Food System Community of Practice.

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