Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is a data storage site housed by GitHub. The site includes relevant publicly available survey instruments, county-level data, and point level data. The site keeps stakeholders from searching the Internet to find multiple data sets; these local and regional food system data sets are now all in one place.

Click here to gain access to ~300 indicators useful to understanding and evaluating your community’s local food environment. The Colorado State University team will continue to update these data as more recent or new data sets become available.

To determine what data to include, teams of researchers and community partners (see About Us) reviewed and compiled available data using an equity lens into a single data warehouse to facilitate analysis and visualization. The initiative began by reviewing the mission statements from national local and regional food system organizations. Mission statements were organized into six categories – labor, local food sales, business development and food infrastructure, community resources, nutrition security and food access, and policy. For each of the categories, except for policy, the teams created document briefs identifying key related data indicators available nationwide at the county level.

(Click image to access brief)

Creators of data warehouses, data explorers, and data dashboards encounter several challenges when it comes to the issue of equity. Reliance on existing data limited the ability to disaggregate data by dimensions of race, ethnicity, and citizenship status. As a result, we encourage the use of practices that invite community members to help contextualize data, share their personal stories, and amplify community solutions. 

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