2024 National Agricultural Marketing Summit

Food with Purpose
November 13-15, 2024
Albuquerque, New Mexico


The AgSummit provides a unique networking opportunity for agricultural marketing practitioners to form new partnerships and learn new business strategies that can improve the performance of their farms and businesses.

The Summit will feature resources to assist market managers, direct marketing farmers and food businesses, agribusinesses with value-added products, practitioners, and technical assistance providers in understanding and enhancing marketing strategies.

The AgSummit is comprised of attendees from diverse backgrounds from both the public and private sector. These include farmers, academics, entrepreneurs, service providers, mission-focused investors, business operators, community practitioners, students, consultants, and government employees from state and Federal agencies.

2024 Ag Summit Track Sessions

Direct Markets and Community Support: explores the connection between direct to consumer markets and the relationship with the broader community. Presenters will discuss their practices within businesses and organizations that have guided the food market structure. This may also include discussions on equity and inclusion through a myriad of perspectives including ethnicity, social, market channels, and scale of production.

Marketing and Business Innovation: highlights the technological adaptions and advancements in agricultural marketing, business development and sustainability. Topics may address strategies to pivot online, creative sales platforms, new business services, dynamic business models and unique customer engagement techniques. These presentations will explore alternate and successful strategies across the dynamic food marketing and business sector.
Building Partnerships & Community Collaboration: features high impact efforts related to agriculture entrepreneurship or food systems development that were successful, in part, to partnerships and collaborations. Sessions will share efforts to promote and involve public/ private partnerships and non-traditional collaborations.
Market Research, Trends and Impact: explores emerging trends and data analytics across agriculture and food markets which detail new resources and advancements across the industry. Discussions will include applicability of market data whether through visualization, feasibility, and research, and/or stakeholder empowerment with data collection methodologies
Successful approaches to managing marketing risk (ERME sponsored): highlights successful approaches to managing value added marketing issues around third-party risk or supply chain shocks. Success stories include use of contracts, insurance, and/or product/market channel diversification strategies. 

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Event Summary:

National Agricultural Marketing Summit 2024

5151 San Francisco Road NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Start date: November 11, 2024
End date: November 16, 2024 
Last day to book: November 1, 2024
Conference rate: $141/night
To book via phone: 800-262-2043
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