The Economics of Local Food:

an Emerging Community of Practice

We are actively growing a new Community of Practice to help you and your community understand the ag and food enterprise viability, market dynamics and other key socio-economics metrics of local and regional food systems.

About Local Food Economics

This website provides a gateway for you to explore work going on throughout the US on food systems, and it continues to grow. Please consider joining our Community as a team member, or by nominating your project that has created original research and/or outreach content in this area. (Follow the Getting Involved menu above)

Latest Tweets

April 3, 2020
COVID-19 Research Webinar: Economists! Health Scientists! Experts in related disciplines! We are facilitating a webinar bringing researchers together on key questions for the COVID-19 response. Spread the word and join us on April 7. https://t.co/gH7mkulGaU @ckling19 #COVID19 https://t.co/9dm6zHzerI localfoodecon photo
April 1, 2020
Thanks for those of my colleagues who joined our conversation on the food industry this week: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Food Manufacturers: https://t.co/Hn5qO6skmj

Feel free to use in any classes or Outreach you do with stakeholders (tell me if you want slides)
March 30, 2020
CSU economists helped shape $2 trillion economic stimulus bill | College of Agricultural Sciences | SOURCE | Colorado State University https://t.co/0GtQVgDjii
March 30, 2020
Dr. Laurian Unnevehr asked me to join her on a Webinar March 31st providing a high level overview of Food Supply Chain Trends, Government Policy, and Innovation during COVID (graciously hosted by SafetyChain). Join us?
March 29, 2020
A list of past and upcoming webinars and publications from my @AAEA_Economics colleagues on economic impacts of COVID-19 on food and agriculture https://t.co/OdJI5njrSb
March 27, 2020
"For the first time ever, total U.S. [grocery] sales topped $24.8 billion in a single week. Across the aisles, sales reached an unprecedented high in the week ending 3/15/2020, 62% higher than the same week the prior year."
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