The Economics of Local Food:

an Emerging Community of Practice

We are actively growing a new Community of Practice to help you and your community understand the ag and food enterprise viability, market dynamics and other key socio-economics metrics of local and regional food systems.

About Local Food Economics

This website provides a gateway for you to explore work going on throughout the US on food systems, and it continues to grow. Please consider joining our Community as a team member, or by nominating your project that has created original research and/or outreach content in this area. (Follow the Getting Involved menu above)

Latest Tweets

August 6, 2020
Would a less concentrated meat packing sector have been more resilient in the face of COVID-related shutdowns? I run some simulations, and the answer is .... it depends
https://t.co/Syth0WcBz8 https://t.co/AxQz3dFzcF
localfoodecon photo
August 3, 2020
I am excited to have the opportunity to share my ideas of how Applied Economics can re-envision our contributions, impacts and culture ...knowing I have learned from watching and being mentored by so many amazing role models over the years... https://t.co/rexU2d6kSh
July 24, 2020
Excited to be a discussant on the afternoon session on natural resource mgmt issues related to specialty crops. #AAEA2020 https://t.co/nlX4k95wky
July 16, 2020
Really excited that a new paper that @DawnTM and I worked on has just gotten posted! A main message is that @localfoodecon mkts are a bigger than reported in govt stats! https://t.co/nCob3Uaklx
July 14, 2020
Calling all sustainable food & ag startups! @FoodBytes! Pitch is going 100% virtual in 2020. Applications for our multi-week virtual engagement are due August 10 – submit yours today. https://t.co/FXA0h8NqGe #foodtech #agtech #startups
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